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Chetry Communications Founder & CEO, Kiran Chetry brings more than 20 years of experience covering all major national and international news as morning anchor at both CNN and the Fox News Channel, as well reporting for NBC news.

As anchor, Kiran also took on a management role, guiding the news content and calling on her vast contact list to get the most relevant and informative guests. She brings her large network of key influencers and knowledge of marketing in both traditional and social media spaces to help our clients craft their message and ensure they maximize exposure and reach to their key audiences.

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Chetry Communications welcome it’s newest member to the team, Elizabeth Carrier, Head of Production. She brings with her experience in digital design, post-production editing and video creation. Kiran has known Elizabeth for years through family connections and has called on her in a less formal environment to help with editing, video production and posting effective social media to targeted audiences.

Elizabeth is still completing her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and liberal arts at Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee.  During her time back home in the NYC area, Elizabeth has played a vital role in helping Chetry Communications. 


As a college student, Lizzie provides a fresh perspective and creative thinking to keep up with the fast paced technological world. In school, Lizzie has studied art including electronic, film, photography, and drawing medias. Lizzie attended the Queens Council on the Arts’ High School to Art School program and has worked alongside Tony Vaccaro in his Studio in New York City. 

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