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Chetry Communications is commited to making sure that your company's story is told in a professional broadcast-quality package. 

We help you differentiate you from the millions of amatuer Iphone & YouTube videos. 

We'll make sure that your digital presence rises to a different level of professionalism. 

Chetry Communications has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies, to start-ups to new, mall buisinees looking to polish their image and digitial footprint ahead of a capital raise or IPO.

Below are some examples of videos featuring Kiran Chetry, that highlight the power of authenitcity, professional video production, and passion for a cause.

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Kiran Chetry Featured in a documentary film entitled "Real Women, Real Stories" 

Below is a Real Women/Real Stories feature with the CEO & Founder of Chetry Communications, Kiran Chetry. Real Women Real Stories is a platform for women who recount personal stories of trauma and hardships they have conquered in their personal, professional and often public lives. This foundation was created because the things that matter don't get talked about enough.

Aid To Nepal

This outreach video was one of the most impactful which Kiran Chetry has done throughout her carer. Not only does Kiran advocate for foreign aid but she was also born in Nepal. This video provides a strong example of how a speaking professional can balance their personal attachments to a story while delivering a clear and influential message to its viewers. As a result of this work, Kiran was able to raise an astronomical amount of donations while educating viewers about a global crisis.

Check Out Some Highlight's of Kiran Chetry Anchoring the News at CNN

Kiran served as the co-host of CNN's flagship morning show "American Morning" from 2007-2012. During her time there, the show was nominated for 2 Emmy's for best morning news broadcast in 2008 & 2010. While at the helm of CNN's morning show, Kiran covered some of the biggest news stories of the decade including; The 2008 Presidential Elections, 2008 Financial Crisis, The Louisiana Gulf Oil Spill, California Wildfires, The Capture of Saddam Hussein as well as several exclusive interviews with celebrities, politicians, world leaders and other news makers.

Kiran Chetry Featured In NutriBullet Ad

One of the most successful and longest running video-mercials features Kiran as the health reporter interviewing patients and doctors regarding the benefits of concentrated fruits and vegetables in combating several common illnesses from diabetes to heart disease and autoimmune disease. 

Teen user was '15 minutes from death'

CNN's Kiran Chetry follows a teen who's recovering from an addiction to prescription drugs. This plight continues to spread throughout our United States as well as the world. Through video exposure and clientele partnership, Chetry Communications is doing their part to eradicate this epidemic. 

Sarder Author Talks - Tiffani Bova

Kiran has worked with SarderTV’s CEO Russell Sarder to interview some of the most influential authors, business people and entrepreneurs for his on-going goal of introducing a lifetime love of learning.


In this clip, Kiran interviews Tiffani Bova, author of “ And longtime executive at Sales Force. 

Kiran and Tiffani discuss the importance of continuing education, getting companies to encourage employees to learn new and effective ways to improve their business and to think forward rather than behind when it comes to embracing new technologies in their field. 

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